Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my 2020 Best Nine?

Finding your 2020 Best Nine is simple. Start by downloading the official Android App or iOS App from the App Store. From there, simply follow the prompts to create your Best Nine with a few taps. Then, share!

What is Best Nine?

Best Nine is the original tool made to discover your top posts on Instagram for a given year or time frame. Created over seven years ago, Best Nine single handedly created a wildly popular trend.

Is Best Nine secure?

Yes. Period. Best Nine works directly with the Instagram platform to ensure we never receive or store any of your information. Furthermore, the app is built with industry standard practices. Lastly, we never store or request personal information.

Do I need to log in to my Instagram?

Yes. We ask that you log in directly on the Instagram website to validate you're ownership of your media. We use this media to generate your Best Nine. We never receive your log in credentials directly or store them.

Is Best Nine the same as "Top Nine"?

No. Top Nine is a clone that was created in 2016 after copying Best Nine's core features. We recommend users to use the original app as we cannot vouch for Top Nine's security and privacy practices.

How are my Best Nine posts selected?

Best Nine has created an advanced algorithm for selecting a user's Best Nine posts. We factor in likes, comments, and overall engagement. It is not just based on total likes as it originally was.

Where was Best Nine made?

Best Nine is built and operated in the United States. Created in New York City, we serve our users around the world with a great deal of pride.

Why are there so many similar apps?

As it goes with any popular trend, others create copycat products to try and trick users. We strongly encourage users to use our original product. Not only will this ensure your data is secure, but it will generate your Best Nine instantly.

How can I get support or learn more about Best Nine?

For support or to get in touch, please do not hestitate to reach oout at or via the Support page.