Last Modified: 1 January 2019

The below document outlines our formal Privacy Policy, from herein referred to as the "privacy policy", that all users agree to by accessing or using any of our services via web apps, desktop, or mobile apps. In addition to our policies, all use is subject to the official Instagram & Facebook Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can find these documents on the respective provider websites.

Introduction: Best Nine is proud to do all that we do to protect your data and ensure privacy. All of our services use industry standard encryption and measures. We only access the data we need with consent from each user. In addition, our services, under no circumstance, distribute collected data or broker it.

Data Collection: Best Nine, through our various services may collect some data to improve user experience. This data includes, but is not limited to Instagram usernames, usage metrics, purchase history, ip address, device push notification tokens, location, and internet quality data.

Data Usage: We use all the above mentioned and other not mentioned data points to improve the service on a consistent basis. In addition, we use this data to offer a more personalized and engaging experience. Whether it be through contact, notification, or invites, all data is used privately and will never cross corporate hands.

Compliance: We are proud to be fully compliant with all local law, governed by United States Federal Law, international law, GDPR regulations, and other legal statutes.

Updates: This policy, our services, and products are subject to change at any point in time with no prior notice. Please refer here and to the last modified date above for change log information.

For further questions, contact through the Support Page.

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