Terms of Service

Last Modified: 29 November 2020

The below document outlines our formal Terms and Agreements, from herein referred to as the "terms", that all users agree to by accessing or using any of our services via web apps, desktop, or mobile apps. In addition to our policies, all use is subject to the official Instagram & Facebook Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can find these documents on the respective providers website.

Services: Best Nine Yearly administers 1 primary service available through this website and two mobile applications. The two mobile apps are available on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Our service uses a user's Instagram Account to create a Best Nine Grid for a particular year. This is done through Instagram's official application programming kit upon user authorization and log in. Our mobile app for iOS allows for the rearranging, swapping, and scaling of images in the grid as well. If a minimum of nine images are not available for a requested year, a grid will not be returned. The provider reserves the right to store generated grids but does not reserve the right to credit the images. In other words, all images belong to users of the service but we may showcase Best Nine Grids for particular users.

Privacy: In an effort to ensure utmost privacy, our service uses official Instagram software and APIs to run privately. All login information goes to Instagram directly and never touches our servers. With this in mind, it is the users responsibility to protect their privacy. Under no circumstance will we ever ask for direct credentials from you. If you ever get a fraudulent looking email, forward it to hello@bestnineyearly.com, and delete it promptly.

Security: While we take great measures to constantly tighten up security, the ultimate task falls on the user as it is their content. We encourage all users to ensure that nobody has their log in credentials and that they keep an eye on their activity.

Affiliation: While Best Nine has grown to become a true movement on Instagram, we are in no way affiliated or endorsed by instagram or Facebook - the parent company of the platform. For any Best Nine support, please contact us directly at hello@bestnineyearly.com.

Pricing & Cost: Best Nine is and always will be 100% free to use. We employ a limited number of adverts on mobile and web to help with the costs of service. We will never charge users for this service, however, feel free to make a donation to improve the service!

Updates: This policy, our services, and products is subject to change at any point in time with no prior notice. Please refer here and to the last modified date above for change log information.

For further questions, contact us through the support page.